We take our food in our hands!

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The store

At the non-profit cooperative grocery which is located in Konstantinou Karamanli 42 you will find all the products which are needed for a household. Here, its 440 members, “took our food in our hands”.

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Our products

We have products without intermediaries, directly from 400+ local producers who respect the natural and human environment. We regularly make strict quality controls to verify that.

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Members & Friends

The cooperative is permanently open to welcome new members, as long as they accept our articles of association, fill out the registration form and pay for a cooperative share (150€).

In the fall of 2011 an initial core of members from PROSKALO (Cooperation Initiative for Social and Solidarity Economy) started working on the creation of the Social Consumers Cooperative of Thessaloniki “Bios Coop”.

In March 2012 the first 100+ members, founded our Cooperative and in November 2013, at Leoforos Konstantinou Karamanli 42, very close to Efkleidis and Ippokratio Ηospital, we opened our non-profit cooperative store, reaching up to 300 members.

It all started as an idea between citizens with common concerns, with an aim to promote Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE). Soon, it became an established movement, which today has more than 440 members, with simple and common goals:

  • To take our food in our hands.
  • To defend ourselves from the greed of the intermediaries and overly expensive products sold at the super markets.
  • To be able to offer to our 440+ members, our households and our local community products straight – without intermediaries – from roughly 400 local producers, associations, fair trade producers and cultivators.

All the above are taking place in an economically viable project, taking into account society and the environment, through a different consumption model that respects people and their needs!

Our products are of guaranteed quality and low price.

They undergo a systematic and laboratory control in order to verify that they don’t contain prohibited chemical additives or genetically modified organisms, expired and unsafe substances for the human body and the environment.

Do not be confused by the word “Bios” though, we do not only have organic (bio) products. In our shelves you will find all the products a household needs, a full basket.

  • We achieve low prices for consumers and fair for producers, avoiding mediators.
  • We supply our store with products of agricultural cooperatives and small units.
  • We offer our shelves to as many local and quality producers as possible.

Thus, we reduce the cost, we have a fair distribution among producers and consumers, and a smaller ecological footprint.

Our project’s structure is based on the principles of Social and Solidarity Economy and Direct Democracy!

Our goal is not speculation and profit, but to cover our entire basic consumer needs.


Surpluses at the end of the year return to those who have produced them. There is always a “solidarity basket” for the donation of products to citizens and organizations in need.

Why participate?

  • To finally create a dynamic consumer movement in Greece!
  • To enjoy quality local products without mediators and, therefore, at low prices.
  • To strengthen producer cooperatives and individual local producers.
  • To protect our natural environment and our health.
  • To take our food in our hands by creating a critical mass that will change the rules of the game.

How can you become a member?

By accepting the articles of association, fill in the registration form and pay 150 euros (directly or in instalments) for a cooperative portion.

Thus, you get the right to vote in the General Assembly (in which everyone has one vote regardless of the number of shares they have).

Let’s join our forces to change the current situation, where a few speculate unabashedly at the expense of consumers and producers, destroying our health and our planet.

Nutritional culture is primarily a matter of relationships and presupposes active and cooperative people.

Let’s not remain indifferent.

Let’s choose to be part of the solution of the problem.

Where will this road take us, is up to all of us.

Become a member of Bios Coop and join us to “take our food in our hands”!

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With respect to humans and the environment

Without mediators

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